5 things to remember when learning to drive a car

Learning how to drive is no easy task, and probably most of us don’t taste success in the first try. People get tense, nervous and fail to judge properly due to many factors taking place at a driving school like crowd, continuous instructions coming in and many more things. However, here we will provide you with various beneficial tips when learning how to drive a car and nail that driving test;

  1. Adjust vehicle so that you are comfortable

Always when you start your driving education or if it’s your test day, the very first thing that you should do is adjust your vehicle or personalize it according to your needs. So, that you feel more comfortable while driving. Here are various things which you should do;

  • Adjust the driving seat to your height
  • Make sure all the mirrors are in right directions, and you can clearly see your sides in them.
  • Put your hands at 9 and 3 (Like in Clock), for better grip and handling.

Practicing these things while driving will help you focus more and will also make you more comfortable in the nerve-rattling driving test.

  1. No overthinking

While driving, you will need to analyses many situations and actually perform multiple tasks. But it does not mean that while sitting on the driving seat you have to become highly overwhelmed with all sorts of rules and regulations. Trust your training at the driving school and try to concentrate on the task at hand, and you will get along just fine.

  1. Calm your nerves

Keep rattling about all sorts of worries and weak nerves before driving is not a good practice. Especially when you are learning to drive in driving school this constant worrying and being tense while driving can change into a permanent habit. You don’t want to do that, so always try to soothe your nerves before driving.

For this task, you can take the help of your instructor at the driving school, ask them to sit beside you while driving. It is a good practice that will allow you to calm your nerves and take control of the situation. Hence, you will be more concentrated while driving.

  1. Get rid of the distractions

Learning how to drive is not about taking your friends with you to driving school or continuously checking your mobile phone for updates and messages from social media. The secret here is to get rid of all types of the distractions and focus on driving.

These distractions will never prove any good to learn driving at all, if they make your driving skills a cognitive task in which your brain will act according to previously gained knowledge. If you taught yourself to get distracted even by a small alert on the cell phone, then you will probably never get any good at driving.

  1. Listen to instructions carefully

If you could learn how to drive on your own then you probably won’t be attending driving school right now. There was some reason to get enrolled here, and the absolute reason is to follow each and every instruction thrown over to you by your instructor. As these instruction will make you a kick ass driver.

We know it would probably be boring and same old format that has been repeated before but trust us, and we are saying this with experience that it is essential to listen to everything. It may happen that you could have skipped an important detail or traffic rule, so listening to the instructions on and on will rectify this possible error.

These were various things to remember when learning to drive a car at driving school (Trafikkskole i Tønsberg) , follow these rules with passion and determination to become an excellent driver and you will get along just fine.