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Analysis of Investment Documentation: Shariah Perspective 1.00    Charge Documents: The following charge documents and mortgage documents are usually obtained from the investment clients by the Islamic Banks in Bangladesh. 1.01    Single Party D.P. Note 1.02    Double Party D.P. Note, if there is a Guarantor, to be made by the Client in favour of the Guarantor and endorsed by the latter in favour of the Bank. 1.03    Joint and Several D.P. Note signed by all the Directors in Read more [...]
Hire Purchase Musharaka Mutanaqasa (HPMM)   Hire Purchase Musharaka Mutanaqasa (HPMM) Introduction, Theory and Application Mode of Investment in Islamic Banking Markup Based Bai Muazzal Bai Murabaha Bai Salam Bai Istisna Rental Based Izara Hire Purchase/Izara Bill Baia Hire Purchase Musharaka Mutanaqasa (HPMM) Hire Purchase Shirkatul Melk (HPSM) Sharing Based Mudaraba Musharaka Rental Based Finance Ijara Bil Baia/ Hire Purchase Ijara Muntahia Bittamlik Hire Read more [...]
Green Banking relates with the Islamic Banking? Before going to discussion on the topic we shall have to know the definition/explanation of Green Banking and Banking under Islamic Shariah. Islami Bank is an institution which will not pay or receive any interest in any form and conducted its all activities in accordance with the Principles of Islamic Shariah. Sources of Islamic laws are, Quran, Hadith, Isma & Keyas, in a word all are to prevent all types of exploitation and to establish Read more [...]
Islamic banking and Commercial Banking Discussion of Islamic banking and Commercial Banking 1.0               Islamic Banking: Banking run on Islamic Principle. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) defined an Islamic Bank as “a financial institution whose statutes, rules and procedures expressly state its commitment to the principles of Islamic Shariah and to the banning of the receipt and payment of interest on any of its operations.” 2.0               Read more [...]
Characteristic of Islamic Finance   What is the relevant characteristic of Islamic Finance? The most relevant characteristic of Islamic finance can be optimized in the following four basic principles: To avoid sinful activities To share the risk No exploitation Productive and Materiality purpose  To avoid sinful activities Islamic finance is about prohibition of receiving funds and/or channeling these funds in a sinful way as clearly outlined by the Shari’ah law. Hence, Read more [...]
How to improve your business credit score to secure finance You’ve possibly had your own credit have an effect on your ability to urge credit—whether it helped or hindered—but have you ever spent a lot of time considering your business credit score? you would possibly apprehend some principles for obtaining and keeping your personal credit score up and there square measure some principles which will even be of backing your business. Businesses’ credit scores play a key role in securing Read more [...]
What you Know about Western Union     Western Union money transfer Company Company Type:  Public Company Industry:      Financial services provider Founded: On 1851 Founders: Ezra Cornell Headquarters: Meridian, Colorado, United States Key people: Jack M. Greenberg (Chairman) Hikmet Ersek (President and CEO) Services: 1) Wire transfers 2) Money orders Revenue      Decrease US$ 5,542.0 million (2013) Increase US$ 5,664.8 million (2012) Operating income Read more [...]
 ‘Green Banking way to sustainable economic growth’   Dhaka, June 11:  Speakers at a workshop observed that green banking can be an avenue to reduce pollution and save the environment aiding sustainable economic growth. They said banking sector is a major source of financing for commercial projects which is one of the indicators of economic growth recently. These observations came at a workshop on green banking organised by Bank Asia Ltd in the city marking the World Environment Read more [...]
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Dictionary Lookup Box Online Reference Dictionary, Encyclopedia & more Word: Look in: Dictionary & thesaurus Medical Dictionary Legal Dictionary Financial Dictionary Acronyms Idioms Encyclopedia Wikipedia Periodicals Literature Other languages: Spanish Dictionary German Dictionary French Dictionary Italian Dictionary Chinese Dictionary Portuguese Dictionary Dutch Dictionary Norwegian Dictionary Greek Read more [...]
BFIU Circular Publish Date Title Link Published by: Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit 30/12/12 BFIU Circular No. 06: Instructions to be followed by Capital Market Intermediaries for compliance of the prevention contained in the Money Laundering Prevention Act. 2012 and Anti Terrorism Act, 2009(Including amendment of 2012) Bangla download 17/12/12 BFIU Circular No. 05: Instructions to be followed for international and domestic wire transfer Bangla download 10/10/12 BFIU Read more [...]
Banking Glossary   Acceptance Letter A letter from the applicant indicating his willingness to accept the loan after the loan is approved by the banking institution.   ActiveX A software technology that has a set of rules on how applications should share information which allow programmed capabilities or content to be delivered to Windows-based personal computers via the Internet.   Administrative charges on overseas transactions Charges imposed on overseas transaction Read more [...]
Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking (Foreign Exchange Mode) From the view point of Islamic “Shariah’ (law), in order to be justified as an Islamic way of dealing with financial transactions the banking systems has to avoid interest. Consequently, financial intermediation in Islamic banking between the bank and the client takes place as a partner rather than a debtor-creditor. The financial activities of modern conventional banks are based on a creditor –debtor relationship between Read more [...]
Key point of Discussion General Concept About Foreign Exchange Operation   Concept of Foreign Exchange   Local Regulation for Foreign Exchange   Foreign Exchange Regulation Act   Guideline for Foreign Exchange Transaction   Foreign Exchange Circular   Export Import Policy   Public Notice   Instruction from different Ministry   International Regulations for Foreign Exchange          Read more [...]
Import Quize Test   Q.1. What is Foreign Exchange?   Q.2. What is CAMNEL?   Q.3. What is CCI&E?   Q.4. What is FEDA?   Q.5. What is LIBOR?   Q.6. What is SWIFT?   Q.7. What is UCPDC?   Q.8. What is Foreign Exchange?   Q.9. What are the two forms are used for Outward Remittance      of Foreign Currency?   Q.10. What are the two forms are used for Inward Remittance      of Foreign Currency?   Q.11. What Read more [...]